An exemplary end result

Improving inside design schemes can be as basic as including another piece of workmanship. The correct work of art can change the look and feel of your interior to make an altogether new space. Different plans can be made to compliment and differentiation existing pieces in the space to include a component of Sophistication, a fly of shading, or to make profundity in any space.

Great attention to detail


In the world which is full of illusions, we try to create your imaginary world by the disillusionment of your goals into reality. Nikunj Sharma, the director, and Founder at NS design studio has carved her niche in the society of Interior Designing.

Nikunj has achieved her position in the designing industry by gaining her 15+ years of experience from different platforms in the interior designing industry. She has become the founder and director at NS design studio with her expertise and creative inclination towards the subject. The company is situated in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. The company has been in the industry with highly experienced team structure working for the industry since ages.

The BOQ & Estimates service includes the quality of work for each list item and the measurement unit. With this service, we help our clients to estimate the projects more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our Creative Arts services aim to offer fine art in hundreds of locations. It helps you ensure that all our clients are connected to our agency’s full scope of services.

Design and Build services are useful as it helps in assuming the administrative tasks. You could take advantage of our cost-effective and time-saving benefits of our Design and Build services.

Our Vastu services work in the best way for the site or foundation of a house, site, ground, building or dwelling-place, and habitation.

Our Interior design consultancy offers advice to clients on topics related to interior space design. We aim to personalize the client’s taste that could also serve a functional purpose.

We also offer the best Home Styling & Renovation services that are effective and efficient. Our Home Styling & Renovation services mainly help you completely transform your home with a style, comfort, and convenience upgrade.

Our Detailed Interiors Concept Designs services could perfectly suit your needs. This service is a great way to take advantage of working with our team for a fraction of the cost of our full-service design.