We are specialised in the management of interior design & furniture design

Are you looking to craft your interiors with glamorous designs? Glam is what Nikunj Sharma is best-known for! The Interior designing firm of Nikunj Sharma is a decade-old name that enthusiastically designs spaces that you possess. This firm includes independent craftsmen, counted among India’s best interior designers. Among Rajasthan’s best designers, Nikunj Sharma has always been appreciated for innovations. It deals with art, antique pieces, and collectibles to design your personal spaces. Apart from this, Nikunj Sharma is also known for its high-end flooring and custom-designed furniture. It also empowers you with efficient architectural consultancy and interior designing consultancies. This helps you in enhancing projects that are worth crores of Investment.

Nikunj Sharma grasped the skills in interior designing while working with renowned interior designers and architects. With her keen interest in the tiniest details, She has gained a plethora of interior design knowledge. After spending years with industry experts, Nikunj Sharma realized that interior design is what is calling her. So, to bring in her maximum potential, She joined professional degree courses. Further, She completed her interior design disciplines by securing the top position and came in as a world-class interior designer.

Nikunj Sharma never leaves an opportunity to outshine. And that’s what made her traveled to many parts of the world to showcases her artistic skills in interior designing. She has worked with many clients in India and abroad to deliver Excellency.

Close enough to home, Nikunj Sharma has also painted her magic on projects like health care centers, private homes, and holiday destinations. Besides, Nikunj Sharma is presently working on several projects that include Gyms, offices, retail stores, restaurants, and homes.

The projects that Nikunj Sharma takes over change the entire game of interior designing. Whether it is a bachelor-specific apartment or a business space, Nikunj Sharma sets up your dream spaces from scratch. One thing that will attract you to work with Nikunj Sharma is her personality.